2nd Best Striker in 20/21 - RB Leipzig sign Portuguese International

RB Leipzig’s new star striker: André Silva
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It’s safe to say that André Silva is well known in the Bundesliga. At Eintracht Frankfurt he scored a whopping 40 goals in just 57 matches and ended the 2020/21 campaign with 28 strikes that only Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandoski could better. As of next season, though, Silva will wear the jersey of this year’s runners-up RB Leipzig, with the aim of firing his new team to a first Bundesliga title.
What do you think? Can Silva make the difference and deliver Leipzig the Meisterschale? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Leipzig with a huge steal here to one of their rivals Frankfurt and tbh if i was Frankfurt i wouldn't have done this transfer because the money but still leipzig get another great striker to fit in with poulsen and this is what Leipzig needed in my eyes which is a great striker for there offense i mean lets be honest they have plenty of the money they need to find someone and they did just that for a really good price too

    da babyda babyHace 13 días
  • Absolutly correct 🤩🔥❤ welcome to the best Club of the world🔥❤

    RB Leipzig by the wayRB Leipzig by the wayHace 22 días
  • Bro 23 Million this is nothing for him

    Joker 632Joker 632Hace 23 días
  • Like how everyone is talking about Haaland but Silva had more goals 👏 one of the most underrated players 👀

    Adam BočekAdam BočekHace 25 días
  • For me thats OH MY GOD 😍😍😍😍😵😵😵😵

    Noushin ShafaghNoushin ShafaghHace 26 días
  • Liepzig 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔥🔥

    Eduardo SilvaEduardo SilvaHace 26 días
    • 🔥❤

      RB Leipzig by the wayRB Leipzig by the wayHace 22 días
  • Hope he does well

    무스타파아르만무스타파아르만Hace 28 días
  • andre silva jooins lepizig write ?? then lepizig will be best sabitizer nukunku and andre silva it will be good

    Musiz WorldMusiz WorldHace 28 días
  • I was just thinking about if Haaland leaves,BVB will replace him with Andre Silva but Leipzig stole the show:)

    UnknownUnknownHace 28 días
  • so, he will get UCL games after all.

    SafisaurusSafisaurusHace 28 días
  • this was unexpected!

    SafisaurusSafisaurusHace 28 días
  • The artist is so good

    Teejhay EmperorTeejhay EmperorHace 28 días
  • Probably be another timo

    Maryan AliMaryan AliHace 28 días
  • As a lifelong eintracht fan this is really disappointing. We cant keep anyone who has a good season. Tough to build between seasons and shows the importance of making the champions league. Traurig.

    Benjamin MurphyBenjamin MurphyHace 28 días
  • I can't believe it....

    Dary NugrahaDary NugrahaHace 28 días
  • Top signing from Leipzig. They will be at the top with bayern for a long while it seems

    Vladik KalajdžićVladik KalajdžićHace 28 días
  • Who does this stuff because it is Artistic

    Shane BayetShane BayetHace 28 días
  • OH MY DAZE !

    Shelaina JudeShelaina JudeHace 28 días
  • Go Silva🤞🤞

    Güler COŞKUNGüler COŞKUNHace 29 días
  • Amazing draw Adminho

    Jekmaster2Jekmaster2Hace 29 días
  • What is the cost?

    Rithesh RaoRithesh RaoHace 29 días
  • I guess the right name before starting to watch the video 😉 ANDRÉ SILVA 🇵🇹

    sharmeen sattarsharmeen sattarHace 29 días
  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 From the 4th best german club to the 3rd best

    xtsmobilextsmobileHace 29 días
  • Leipzig might be roll next season top team with Silva Gvardiol Simakan

    P KP KHace 29 días
  • If André Silva belonged to RB in 20/21 season, I think that RB got to a win.

  • And still, Fernando Santos put Jota over him all of Euros

    Daniel PereiraDaniel PereiraHace 29 días
  • Bundesliga, has the best Admin throughout all the other football leagues

    Sawed FenderSawed FenderHace 29 días
  • Looking forward to see him score beautiful goals

    Sawed FenderSawed FenderHace 29 días
  • lol leipzig having so many strikers

    Sayambhu ChoudhurySayambhu ChoudhuryHace 29 días
  • These drawings >>> cringe 442oons ANYDAY

    Dorcha SolasDorcha SolasHace 29 días
  • better than pendu

    nimrod nix1nimrod nix1Hace 29 días
  • The Leipzig kit is so nice

    Elias Vanden BrouckeElias Vanden BrouckeHace 29 días
  • I think RB Leipzig need a another defender like Badiashile or Lacroix

    Tarini Prasad SahooTarini Prasad SahooHace 29 días
  • 와 뭐야

    재성언니재성언니Hace 29 días
  • Leipzig will be the upcoming bayern munich trophy challenger

    mudno_ jrmudno_ jrHace 29 días
  • Liepzog would be a beast of a club in fifa 22 like fifa 21

    Sony KusumaSony KusumaHace 29 días
  • Hard to understand why he choose RBL. It's true that he could be the first option considering current team squad but it is not an advance for his career.

    Michael KimMichael KimHace 29 días
  • The Transfer Money is €23.00m thats good

    Toxins BlowsToxins BlowsHace 29 días
  • You mean the dream team striker Andre Silva?! No way!!! With him in RB Leipzig, he look like another Timo Werner!

    秒倒王偉哥秒倒王偉哥Hace 29 días
  • One of I believe 6 players in the world in a Top 5 league to have more Goal contributions than games. And by far the most unspoken in the list. Keep in mind that list is. Robert Lewandowski Erling Haaland Lionel Messi Kylian Mbappe Harry Kane Brilliant signing by Leipzig, sad to see him leaving Frankfurt but it'll be great to see him fronting Leipzig in their Bundesliga and UCL runs.

    Am NaahAm NaahHace 29 días
  • great deal for Leipzig, they keep on adding on to their amazing squad

    Peace FCPeace FCHace 29 días
    • 🔥❤

      RB Leipzig by the wayRB Leipzig by the wayHace 22 días
  • when i found this out i was shocked and amazed deal happened outta nowhere

    Peace FCPeace FCHace 29 días
  • Aaand Frankfurt's gone.

    BossNaiBossNaiHace 29 días
  • “2nd best” That’s pretty savage. Nevertheless, please keep showing us Sanil’s drawings, I love them so much

    YoshimanMarioKartYoshimanMarioKartHace 29 días
    • When its Lewy you’re going against then that’s a compliment

      Sevian MedinaSevian MedinaHace 29 días
  • Omg really Ronaldo!?

    tauno908tauno908Hace 29 días
  • Snake

    Mate ŠemigaMate ŠemigaHace 29 días
  • 2nd best striker? 2nd best goalscorer. He is great player though, but if you count games played/goals, Haaland surpasses him. So i would argue he is 3rd best striker.

    Kristian KongenKristian KongenHace 29 días
  • On top of missing their shot at Champions League football next year and their manager Frankfurt have lost their best two players, the second best scorer and second best assister in the BuLi last year, and they didn't even got big money for them. Very though break, wouldn't be surprised if they become a low mid table team next year.

    Хорхе ГарсияХорхе ГарсияHace 29 días
  • 2nd best striker in bundesliga right

    sha jahansha jahanHace 29 días
  • Lil mistake in the title it should be: 2nd Best striker IN BUNDESLIGA 20/21

    Eduardo LopezEduardo LopezHace 29 días
  • Clever signing👌

    Ubii YTUbii YTHace 29 días
  • I wonder what this person does with the drawings afterwards

    abjith sivanandabjith sivanandHace 29 días
  • Im like no.911

    C3 MorgeC3 MorgeHace 29 días
  • I think its third , lewi 1st and halland 2 nd

    Abdallah TarsooAbdallah TarsooHace 29 días
    • @Keymaster 28 dude its for bundesliga

      Abdallah TarsooAbdallah TarsooHace 29 días
    • Benzema,Kane?

      Keymaster 28Keymaster 28Hace 29 días
  • Nooooo :(

    billix 1909billix 1909Hace 29 días
  • Don't the have enough strikers already

    Cad BaneCad BaneHace 29 días
  • I like how the title said 2nd best striker when we all know who is the 1st

    Asuna YuukiAsuna YuukiHace 29 días
    • Timo Werner?

      San HoloSan HoloHace 28 días
    • Yes we do. One of most valuable in world.

      God of RealityGod of RealityHace 29 días
  • What a bargain🔥👏

    Arjun BArjun BHace 29 días
  • Yes Definitely

    Devesh MittalDevesh MittalHace 29 días
  • Tf!? I heard nothing about this!

    That1GuyThat1GuyHace 29 días
  • Bruh

    Mridhul K. IyerMridhul K. IyerHace 29 días
  • Unexpected signing

    Presiden ThanosPresiden ThanosHace 29 días
  • He'll become more significant there...

    Yaseen A.ZYaseen A.ZHace 29 días
  • Omg This is literally the one thing leipzig need a Really good goal scorer YES! #LeipzigWinningThisTitle

    Finn GFinn GHace 29 días
    • ❤🔥❤🔥

      RB Leipzig by the wayRB Leipzig by the wayHace 22 días
    • Do you guys have any replacements for upamecano and konate

      NerdOverload _NerdOverload _Hace 29 días
    • Nagelsmann is a barrier for them

      Was a lawyer .Was a lawyer .Hace 29 días
  • How I'm surprised 🤯🤯

    Mr ReefMr ReefHace 29 días
  • Surprised he went to Leipzig, and not Bayern or Man City

    AnipaptionsAnipaptionsHace 29 días
  • Silva is my guess before I watch

    XxOmarAlyxXXxOmarAlyxXHace 29 días
  • The big question is , who will replace SANCHO!? Any guesses?

    King Of ZamundaKing Of ZamundaHace 29 días
    • Giovanni Reyna

      marciano cruzmarciano cruzHace 29 días
  • Great move for the lad, champions League loading

    King Of ZamundaKing Of ZamundaHace 29 días
  • Apparently only €23m. What a bargain

    AlstyAlstyHace 29 días
  • Brilliant Drawing. So Cool.

    Em Ma-NuelEm Ma-NuelHace 29 días
  • Such a good transfer! Imagine Timo Werner playing good and coming back to Leipzig. Andre Silva and Timo Werner would destroy Bundesliga

    alexandru daniel donciualexandru daniel donciuHace 29 días
    • Why tf would that happen

      Sevian MedinaSevian MedinaHace 29 días
  • Great signing for Leipzig, he is a class player. If he was English he would be triple the price but that’s just the way it is.

    I Am A Porg51I Am A Porg51Hace 29 días
  • Woah! That was extremely unexpected

    Darth RevanDarth RevanHace 29 días
  • I can' t belivie for this transfer

    Yacob MoutachakkirYacob MoutachakkirHace 29 días
  • Transfer Update Bundesliga Season 2022/23 : Andre Silva join FC Bayern for Free • If something like this keep happening, then how other team gonna challenge Bayern for Bundesliga Title?

    EdoyodaEdoyodaHace 29 días
  • Great Signing for RBL, Poor sale for SGE. Eintracht Frankfurt fans need to brace themselves as they gonna lose some of their key players.. starting from Andre Silva. As a Bayern fan, I wish him all the best at RBL under Jesse March, and would want to see more of him at the UCL. Our Bayern board needs to learn how to sign players during the covid times from RBL... Andre Silva + Dominik Szoboszlai = DEADLY DUO🔥

    stormtrooper30stormtrooper30Hace 29 días
  • Whoever draws this he is so fantastic at dooing this like the upamecano, konate he did

    AllFifaNewsAllFifaNewsHace 29 días
  • I praise Leipzig for getting themselves a top player. Such a huge loss for Frankfurt.

    @CFCMoi11@CFCMoi11Hace 29 días
  • Nice deal

    Adminho Adminho Hace 29 días
  • Another big transfer

    LewangoalskiSznLewangoalskiSznHace 29 días
  • Håland?

    Legend RayquazaLegend RayquazaHace 29 días
  • Leipsig are already stacked, frankfurt shouldve kept him or get another world class st

    Saturn MimasoftSaturn MimasoftHace 29 días
  • That's brilliant from them

    Akshay PanwarAkshay PanwarHace 29 días
  • Woah now this is a surprise signing

    nyxe bitnyxe bitHace 29 días
  • Wait really?! Did anyone saw that coming? Smart move by Leipzig

    ParthParthHace 29 días
    • 😵😵🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😍😍😵😍😍😍😍 WHAT.

      Noushin ShafaghNoushin ShafaghHace 26 días
    • @Vaibhav yeah especially Forsberg and Silva, they're great at the moment

      MilloMilloHace 28 días
    • @Vaibhav hi lol

      ParthParthHace 29 días
    • Oh hi man....bruh I didnt even hear anything about this....damn Leipzig's attack is stacked for the next season...Poulsen,Andre Silva,Szoboszlai,Sorloth,Hwang Hee Chan,in-form Forsberg....damn

      VaibhavVaibhavHace 29 días
  • Bundesliga is best liga.

    Bobby UttcrumbsBobby UttcrumbsHace 29 días
  • Wow rb in good hands

    493493Hace 29 días
  • Andrééé Silvaaaaaaa

    Burak YilmazBurak YilmazHace 29 días
  • How did this man scored 28 goals last season is a minor miracle. At AC Milan couldn’t get in the direction of one goal nevermind 28

    SF ztrsfSF ztrsfHace 29 días
    • Strikers strive on confidence, if you miss one or 2 then you start missing a lot. If you score once or twice then your going to be likely to keep scoring just look at werner for an example.

      NerdOverload _NerdOverload _Hace 29 días
    • Italy is hard

      King Of ZamundaKing Of ZamundaHace 29 días
  • Rafael Santos Borré incoming to replace Andre Silva Confirmed by Fabrizio Romano Good replacement for Andre Silva in my opinion Eagerly waiting for Rafael Santos Borré sketch

    Joyson DiasJoyson DiasHace 29 días
    • I just saw he moved to espanyol

      Inbal Bickel WeizmannInbal Bickel WeizmannHace 28 días
    • interesting 🤔 never heard of him but you getting me excited to see him 😀

      Peace FCPeace FCHace 29 días
    • Colombian Timo Werner

      Ignacio CarolIgnacio CarolHace 29 días
  • cool

    survivor turnoversurvivor turnoverHace 29 días
  • They have a legitimate chance of winning the league! Yay!

    Super Penguin 64Super Penguin 64Hace 29 días
  • Proof that Bayern isn’t the only team poaching from direct rivals

    HannibalHannibalHace 29 días
    • if only bayern doesnt take from leipzig

      Gifted Cobalt BeeGifted Cobalt BeeHace 29 días
  • He is worth 45 million euros and they got him for only 23 million.

    Nazish AhsanNazish AhsanHace 29 días
    • @Nazish Ahsan Yeah. The thing is there was a clause that he can go for a price over 30 million. The rest is for the agents. We wouldn't have gotten him in the first place if it wasn't for this clause.

      SGE_ChrissiSGE_ChrissiHace 29 días
    • @SGE_Chrissi Nice to know but still isn't the full price which is surprising seeing as that he scored the 2nd most goals last season and has been a key player to Eintracht.

      Nazish AhsanNazish AhsanHace 29 días
    • Nah, Leipzig have to pay around 35 million and Eintracht gets around 23-25 million.

      SGE_ChrissiSGE_ChrissiHace 29 días
    • *bargain*

      Gifted Cobalt BeeGifted Cobalt BeeHace 29 días
  • This transfer is amazing as I did not heard any rumour

    Alexandru CâmpianCFRAlexandru CâmpianCFRHace 29 días
    • Neither me

      Covali ChildCovali ChildHace 28 días
    • Me to

      TinaMartina2008TinaMartina2008Hace 28 días
    • @hamad aijaz so sad I support the afformentioned club.. United will not be the end of me😔

      Jesse EzeJesse EzeHace 29 días
    • @Jesse Eze Unlike MAN UTD

      hamad aijazhamad aijazHace 29 días
    • Well run clubs don't need rumors.. they go in and get their man

      Jesse EzeJesse EzeHace 29 días
  • Big signing for Leipzig

    György SándorGyörgy SándorHace 29 días
  • what a sign , great player, absolutely goat

    مجهول رسميمجهول رسميHace 29 días
  • *ANDRE SILVAAAA👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼*

    《Caleb. XD》《Caleb. XD》Hace 29 días
    • 🔥❤

      RB Leipzig by the wayRB Leipzig by the wayHace 22 días
  • I wanted him at bayern but good luck to him at leipzig

    Mark Akoury ꪜMark Akoury ꪜHace 29 días
    • Would have been wasted at bayern

      NerdOverload _NerdOverload _Hace 29 días