Bundesliga's long-range RECORD 😳

This 82-metre goal by Moritz Stoppelkamp is the longest range ever a Bundesliga goal was scored.
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  • "alright I guess I'll just clear the ball"

    Momster343Momster343Hace 16 días
  • That was Adminho trying to give a back-pass to his goalkeeper

    Dhruv SomeshwarDhruv SomeshwarHace 18 días
  • My man was just trying to clear the ball

    jaffajaffaHace 18 días
  • Adminho can do better than that😏

    ༒Panda  സെർ༒༒Panda സെർ༒Hace 18 días
  • Wow

    Aleksander SzymanskiAleksander SzymanskiHace 18 días
  • Christoph Kramer did it with one touch just in the wrong net

    caesarcaesarHace 18 días
  • Me learning to be unstoppable

    seamus and roxyseamus and roxyHace 19 días
  • How short do u want the next video to be? Adminho: Yes

    Lord OmiotekLord OmiotekHace 19 días
  • Aimbot ban him

    Jevis KafleJevis KafleHace 19 días
  • if you're asking this match is paderborn vs hannover 2014

    Karl BtsKarl BtsHace 19 días

      Jonathan TangJonathan TangHace 18 días
  • Adminho still king of long range Own goals

    PES 4 LIFEPES 4 LIFEHace 19 días
  • Paderborn.

    Romel NegutRomel NegutHace 19 días
  • The person who uploaded this clip should be fired

    PaulyPaulyHace 19 días
  • Adminho can u do that. But into ur own goal

    Krishna SripadaKrishna SripadaHace 19 días
  • When you set the shot error slider to 0 on FIFA

    MishkatRMishkatRHace 19 días
  • And hence they constructed a road by giving Stoppelkamp's name

    Akhil SadasivamAkhil SadasivamHace 19 días
  • Longer than Schalke's time in the Bundesliga last season Rip

    Beyond Added TimeBeyond Added TimeHace 19 días
    • That's a violation right here

      Harshal ChauhanHarshal ChauhanHace 8 días
    • Lol

      CluckitCluckitHace 19 días
  • Adminho can score goals like this from his backyard Owngoals

    dhanya venugopaldhanya venugopalHace 19 días
    • Adminho has a backyard that big?

      Honest Arsenal fanHonest Arsenal fanHace 19 días
    • Not funny Didn't laugh

      GG ManGG ManHace 19 días
  • When you play Fifa on Begginers mode

    FestiveAnkFestiveAnkHace 19 días
  • He was just lazy to run 🏃‍♂️

    Beast of footballBeast of footballHace 19 días
  • That was longer than Schick's one but nobody talked about it

    Was a lawyer .Was a lawyer .Hace 19 días
    • @Vasile Mihai u do understand that this goal was in the 90+ minute that'd why everyone I'd in the second half, also the goalkeeper in shicks goal was in the other half when shick shot too, he need to have the speed of Usain bolt to actually come close

      Adnan AssafAdnan AssafHace 15 días
    • @Adnan Assaf shicks goal couldve been saved and i dont know why your pointing that out when this goal literaly only exists cause the whole team was in the other half

      Vasile MihaiVasile MihaiHace 15 días
    • @Vasile Mihai shicks goal was an open goal

      Adnan AssafAdnan AssafHace 15 días
    • @Adnan Assaf no not at all but it isint as impresive you expect that to gappen with an open goal shicks goal was diferent mate

      Vasile MihaiVasile MihaiHace 15 días
    • @Vasile Mihai so ur telling me that this is a normal goal?

      Adnan AssafAdnan AssafHace 15 días
  • Meet the sniper!

    Ultra_MemeUltra_MemeHace 19 días
  • Adminho did that But the ball went in the wrong net.

    ArmaanArmaanHace 19 días
  • 😳😳😮

    Pratik BhorPratik BhorHace 19 días
  • Wow it gone to the bottom corner of net from that range UNREAL!

    Martial JordanMartial JordanHace 19 días
  • When you are too lazy to cover that distance by foot

    Divenaldo PenaldoDivenaldo PenaldoHace 19 días
    • @Adnan Assaf I'm not a fanboy of either tho lol, I just said because he used to be very good and only now that he is just scoring pens and tap ins

      B.Shreyas NairB.Shreyas NairHace 15 días
    • @B.Shreyas Nair Ronaldo is a penalty man tho

      Adnan AssafAdnan AssafHace 15 días
    • @B.Shreyas Nair Lol

      ADEL 57ADEL 57Hace 18 días
    • @Bextiyar Huseynli aka Messi fanboy

      B.Shreyas NairB.Shreyas NairHace 19 días
    • Wtf your name?

      Bextiyar HuseynliBextiyar HuseynliHace 19 días
  • Andre Breitenreiter 0:10 XD

    Terminat0r69Terminat0r69Hace 19 días
  • That's fifa in real life

    mr abbey mkaymr abbey mkayHace 19 días
  • 250th

    Shirley ZhouShirley ZhouHace 19 días
    • Woaww

      Beyond Added TimeBeyond Added TimeHace 19 días
  • This goal reminded me of Schick's goal

    Snehangsu KumarSnehangsu KumarHace 19 días
    • No..schick’s goal reminded you of this

      aaryan_ pigsaaryan_ pigsHace 19 días
  • I remember that goal

    PrometheusTVPrometheusTVHace 19 días
  • Sabitzer is the goat of long ranges

    khalidkhalidHace 19 días
    • @ADEL 57 I meant he can score even when there is a keeper in net

      B.Shreyas NairB.Shreyas NairHace 18 días
    • @B.Shreyas Nair Even if there is no keeper , It will go in (Sabitzer)

      ADEL 57ADEL 57Hace 18 días
    • With a keeper in net

      B.Shreyas NairB.Shreyas NairHace 19 días
  • Ball goes vroom

    Josiah HuangJosiah HuangHace 19 días
    • Red bull goes brrrrrrrrr

      monkemonkeHace 19 días
  • Imagine adminho scores that🤯🔥 But an own goal😂😅

    mudno_ jrmudno_ jrHace 19 días
    • @Milecas 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Opponent being like😏😏😏😎😎

      Sai Sacchin VSai Sacchin VHace 19 días
    • He probably could lol

    • 😂😂😂

      MilecasMilecasHace 19 días
  • Accuracy level 1000 👍

    Allen FrancisAllen FrancisHace 19 días
    • Definitely

      Lay ZhangLay ZhangHace 18 días
  • First

    Louis BeckersLouis BeckersHace 19 días
    • Incredible!

      Beyond Added TimeBeyond Added TimeHace 19 días
    • Nope

      MilecasMilecasHace 19 días