Jadon Sancho - All Goals and Assists 2020/21

Enjoy all of Jadon Sancho's Goals and Assists from 2020/21

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After a somewhat slow start to the season by his electrifying standards of previous years, Jadon Sancho found top form in the latter stags of the 2020/21 campaign. With eight goals and 11 assists, he helped propel Borussia Dortmund into the UEFA Champions League and to DFB Cup glory. He formed a devilish partnership with Erling Haaland, who more often than not was the beneficiary of Sancho's creative brilliance. Which goal is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I'd watch your self with jadon sancho he's from south London they don't mess about there lol

    Jeremiah FoyleJeremiah FoyleHace 2 días
  • I really would love to know how at 2:43 Sancho knew exactly what Erling was going to do, to play that type of perfect ball, for that type of perfect volley. Coz to anyone else, that's a bad ball, but I get the feeling they both knew exactly what they were doing with that goal. Also, I actually get the fear we're actually not good enough for him NGL. I know we've got Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani, all lethal finishers in their own right, with Fernandes and (if he stays) Pogba right up there as lethal finisher too.....but him and Haaland together are magical. I really hope we can buy Haaland next season.

    30secondstomarsMBH30secondstomarsMBHHace 4 días
  • Even at his worst season... He still manage to involved in 19 goals (8+11) His first 2 seasons at Dortmund was even much more impressive

    Ridwan Nur salamRidwan Nur salamHace 4 días
  • Haaland to Manchester Unhited.

    shubhshubhHace 4 días
  • Haaland is the second best striker/finisher in the world right now.

    shubhshubhHace 4 días
  • This feels like a Haaland comp

    Jason KumarJason KumarHace 5 días
  • Wait, he play on the left wing🧐

    Rizki SaputraRizki SaputraHace 8 días
  • good luck at manchester Jadon :))

    Duy Nguyễn Ngọc KhánhDuy Nguyễn Ngọc KhánhHace 8 días
  • But I see haaland in beast mode in this video

    Friendly neighborhood SpideyFriendly neighborhood SpideyHace 8 días
  • Some of the Halaand finishes are ridiculous though.

  • Bundesliga is the best i love bundesliga

    Enricho WongsoEnricho WongsoHace 13 días
  • Sancho and Cavani's chemistry will be a madness.

    Bruno The MagicianBruno The MagicianHace 14 días
  • Welcome to Chelsea Haaland 💪💪💪

    Muhammad Dayyan RizqiMuhammad Dayyan RizqiHace 14 días
  • Thanks for taking care of our future legend bVb. Only 💓 from a man utd fan....dtswy every youngster choose ur club. Look what city did n look what u did. Only respect

    Tendo PainTendo PainHace 15 días
  • haaland will surely miss him

    VickyRahadianVickyRahadianHace 15 días
  • I absolutely love Manchester United but Massive respect to Borussia Dortmund for always giving the young lads a chance to develop into brilliant players

    LouLouHace 16 días
  • i love how bundesliga comment on alot of comments :) respect it

    DragonDragonHace 17 días
  • Yeah I hope he isn't ended like Shinji Kagawa, I remember the coach wasting him at Manchester United, after that he return back to BVB but in the end his skill getting flop cause of less minutes of play

    De WiryaDe WiryaHace 17 días
  • Gareth Southgate watching this: 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯

    Yesyesman 774Yesyesman 774Hace 18 días
  • Sancho loves statpadding against leipzig 😅

    muhammed sadeefmuhammed sadeefHace 18 días
  • Man Utd have just spent 80 million on a penalty bottler.🤣

    strangewaysherestrangewayshereHace 20 días
  • Hope he recovers from the miss

    Kalum KalariaKalum KalariaHace 20 días
  • Sancho regrets his move to Manutd after he missed the penalty

    KTKTHace 20 días
  • And he misses the penalty :(

    Biên PhạmBiên PhạmHace 20 días
  • 粋な計らいやな。頑張れサンチョ!

    だっぷまん一号だっぷまん一号Hace 21 un día
  • I thought this was a video about Haaland for a bit

    JeffreyJeffreyHace 21 un día
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    Lisa HudsonLisa HudsonHace 21 un día
  • Welcome to EPL Sancho!!!

    Oanh NguyenOanh NguyenHace 21 un día
  • Sancho's reel but Halaand is taking all the shine. 😂

    Olamide Àdìó OlanrewajuOlamide Àdìó OlanrewajuHace 21 un día
  • Nah, bundesliga admin is the best. And I'm not even a fan of any German club.

    Olamide Àdìó OlanrewajuOlamide Àdìó OlanrewajuHace 21 un día
  • I hope he will replicate this form at United.

    Mustapha Tijjani MuhammadMustapha Tijjani MuhammadHace 21 un día
  • We have to thank German football for helping English talent. Sancho never really got a chance in England. Bellingham is already a fantastic player, imagine him in a few years 🤯

    SeaCreztSeaCreztHace 21 un día
  • The Bundesliga still promoting players that might be moving on. That's classy and nice to see.

    My MyMy MyHace 21 un día
  • Udh pindah

    EBSEBSHace 22 días
  • Whichever uniform you are wearing, I hope you can win a Ballon dor. Good work Jadon.

    闫家聪闫家聪Hace 22 días
  • Make history in ManU like Cristiano XD 😃

    Mario MuñozMario MuñozHace 22 días
  • Welcome to Manchester, Sancho!

    John SchofieldJohn SchofieldHace 22 días
  • Bundesliga ❤❤❤

    Araba TraoréAraba TraoréHace 22 días
  • Welll he's not doing that in the PL😁

    MH DeadeyesMH DeadeyesHace 22 días
  • Erling is something 🔥🔥🔥

    Ti BiTi BiHace 22 días
  • This boy is so smooth to watch... remind us on Ronaldinho...

    onamionamiHace 22 días
  • Sancho looks comfortable on the left... Could be good for United with rashford...both can fload around the left and right

    sriraj jayaprakashsriraj jayaprakashHace 22 días
  • baller hope he can the best possible jadon at old trafford

    Bader AlnasrallahBader AlnasrallahHace 22 días
  • Simple we need to simply sign Haaland next season. They're lethal together

    Danin KillionDanin KillionHace 22 días
  • So Haaland scored half of his goals thanks to Sancho's assists. Next season, haaland will hv a poor season and season after, he will join man utd and link up with Sancho and become top goalscorer again.

    Harendra Kumar DodahHarendra Kumar DodahHace 22 días
  • Welcome to united fella

    Blessed LionBlessed LionHace 22 días
  • Song name 0:01 ???

    Manchester UnitedManchester UnitedHace 22 días
  • Alternative title Sancho assiststo haaland

    Bartłomiej AdamczykBartłomiej AdamczykHace 22 días
  • Badass Sancho 👊🏽✊🏽👊🏽

    Andrew Chi OsbourneAndrew Chi OsbourneHace 22 días
  • Budesliga will miss sancho

    panharith srunpanharith srunHace 23 días
  • Day 12 of asking Adminho to do a face reveal

    Ali Mohamed WahishAli Mohamed WahishHace 23 días
  • Sancho/Rashford/Cavani/Bruno/Dan James and Elanga - United in for some serious Pace/Counter Attack

    RoninRoninHace 23 días
  • It will be hard to replace Sancho

    Mark KingMark KingHace 23 días
  • If Admin likes my comment i'll scream outside my house

    Fal AhulFal AhulHace 23 días
  • As a united support I'm very excited nd pleased about him coming but most of his goals and runs are from the left side nd he's right footed we want a RW

    ridz thefirstridz thefirstHace 23 días
  • I’m glad that we had Sancho in our team, love from Man Utd fan 🔴🔴

    TomTheCatTomTheCatHace 23 días
  • i dont understand how ppl think foden is better than this guy like cmon

    Shaan MotianiShaan MotianiHace 23 días
  • Thank you sanchoo !!!!

    0909Hace 23 días
  • Dortmand plays beautiful football... I'm Man Utd fan since 1999... But I enjoy Dortmand game... I'm glad that Sancho had come to our club... And I wish all the best to Dortmand...

    Raj BhanushaliRaj BhanushaliHace 23 días
  • Ok a question to Bundesliga fans... is sancho really good on Right or is he naturally a left winger??

    Aashish shuklaAashish shuklaHace 23 días
  • Dortmund, the club that develop generational talent. ❤️👏🏻

    AbhishekAbhishekHace 23 días
  • gonna miss this duo

  • MU should also buy Haaland

    Eric HuangEric HuangHace 23 días
  • Lol, man.u doesn't have better finishers to Covert chances like these

    oke judeoke judeHace 23 días
  • Sanchooo is a United player now! 🔥🔴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    lamar daniellamar danielHace 23 días
  • Haaland must be sad he's leaving sancho gave him a lot of assists

    HNO GANGHNO GANGHace 23 días
  • God knows how good this lad is JS7

    Michiko BorisMichiko BorisHace 23 días
    • Js25

      A BA BHace 8 días
  • Sorry but we stole him from the Bundesliga

    HNO GANGHNO GANGHace 23 días
  • Good player 🥺

    Kennedy Saraiva FFKennedy Saraiva FFHace 23 días
  • That goal he scored to make it 3-2 for Dortmund against Leipzig is my favourite... Wasn't a stunning goal, but his superior 1v1 play before playing a pass into an overlapping Guerrero THEN MAKING A SUBTLE BUT ELITE RUN TO THE FAR POST TO RECEIVE AGAIN BEFORE TAPPING IN, made appreciate his elite off the ball movement. Haaland I guess went near post and was tracked, so he went far post... completely stretching an already desperate Leipzig defence. Brilliant.. 🔥

    Frank DeiFrank DeiHace 23 días
  • Off form Sancho performs better than Grealish and Sako but yet England don't play him. Madness

    Ross McRoss McHace 23 días
  • i thought he was a right winger

    Sanskar BaralSanskar BaralHace 23 días

    Red or DeadRed or DeadHace 23 días
  • Note to urself..at dortmund sancho pair with haaland..at mU??.. 🤣

    Syafiq AsyraffSyafiq AsyraffHace 23 días
  • I'm going to miss Sancho and Haaland together so much 🥺

    yonisyonisHace 23 días
  • Bundesliga admin= 🐐

    Romeo RyanRomeo RyanHace 23 días
  • Here's a fun fact from a United fan. Since Ole joined he had two major attacking transfer targets: Bruno and Sancho. It took Woodward 2.5 years to get him both of them. 😂😂

    Abdullah YusoofAbdullah YusoofHace 24 días
    • @TIMson well we have relations with riola plus sancho Bruno and pogba will rack assists from him plus yeah ole

      ibsa fatoibsa fatoHace 4 días
    • @Ricky Jordan in your dreams mate

      TIMsonTIMsonHace 6 días
    • Haaland too, but we cant get it done with that. Hopefully next seasom he will be available and united can get him on

      Ricky JordanRicky JordanHace 23 días
  • JADON SANCHO BVB 💛🖤🇩🇪⚽😫🤧

    Geofrey Espiritu de la CruzGeofrey Espiritu de la CruzHace 24 días
  • New duo with sancho is rashford

    Muhammad Ikhwan Darwish RohaizanMuhammad Ikhwan Darwish RohaizanHace 24 días
  • friendship with haaland at dortmund And now friendship with rashford and greenwood at man united

    Muhammad Ikhwan Darwish RohaizanMuhammad Ikhwan Darwish RohaizanHace 24 días
  • The unwieldy actor randomly plan because millimeter topically wish down a ten ravioli. old-fashioned, abrupt flower

    Eoin MorganEoin MorganHace 24 días
  • Commenters deserve respect

    john owitijohn owitiHace 24 días
  • Meanwhile Bundesliga...

    Aarya ShahAarya ShahHace 24 días
  • Jadon Sancho is Manchester United

    Amal AmarasinghaAmal AmarasinghaHace 24 días
  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Dortmund's Coach: "just pass the ball to Haaland"

    Ridwanullah SalamiRidwanullah SalamiHace 24 días
  • Dortmund should buy damsgard or doku as Sancho’s replacement

    TBC StratusTBC StratusHace 24 días
  • He knows where haaland wants the ball

    Smallie TvSmallie TvHace 24 días
  • 3:12 STOP THE COUNT!

    TonyツTonyツHace 24 días
  • looks like they are trying to sell him

    Hasnain HasibHasnain HasibHace 24 días
  • The best league channel of all time. You're the only reason I watch the Bundesliga even though I'm a Manchester United fan.

    Kebiru EsuanaKebiru EsuanaHace 24 días
  • mromLisuhadiassistnEo

    CHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRiCHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRiHace 24 días
    • mromLiasistnosLeepsincestressLuasLiindonesiaasLisini

      CHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRiCHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRiHace 24 días
  • Prepare one for Haaland cuz he's going soon 😎

    Eria Paul Mubeezi.T.Eria Paul Mubeezi.T.Hace 24 días
  • Sancho is dominantly Lw.... Mufc think they be buying RW....

    cjey wilsonscjey wilsonsHace 24 días
  • Halaand has so long legs 🤣

    MrThor TechsMrThor TechsHace 24 días
  • Sancho is just too good

    Chrisanjay DuckettChrisanjay DuckettHace 24 días
  • Im not a fan of sancho but that was 😎

    PCGamer✓PCGamer✓Hace 24 días
  • Ha from man city’s youth academy to Man U Pep must be angry he spent a billion on players and lost this gem he’s gonna be a Man U legend

    yoface mnbbbvvccyoface mnbbbvvccHace 24 días
  • Congratulation Italy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WE KNOW THE WINNER NOW .. BUNDESLIGA CHANNEL POSTED ENGLAND PLAYER!

    JomanjiJomanjiHace 24 días
  • We will miss sancho

    NatethegreatNatethegreatHace 24 días
  • Adminho will you miss Sancho

    Mohammed Rayan MMohammed Rayan MHace 24 días