Top 10 Football Bloopers & Fails 2020/21 Season

Own Goals. Bloopers, Mistakes & Strange Moments - The Other Top 10 Compilation
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Even the best goalkeepers and star defenders have a bad day at the office every once in a while. The result, depending on your point of view, can either be heart-breaking or fairly amusing. Either way, moments like these are always extraordinary. Here are our top 10 bloopers from the 2020/21 Bundesliga season. Which one surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I took this personally 😖😭

    BundesligaBundesligaHace 27 días
    • 100th like 🙂😅

      DDVB_PlaysDDVB_PlaysHace 4 días
    • Oof

      AnipaptionsAnipaptionsHace 23 días
    • it´s sad when a soccer player scores an own goal

      JAVI EL PROJAVI EL PROHace 25 días
    • No admininho own goals? Smh

      Legend RayquazaLegend RayquazaHace 27 días
    • Why i hear Michael Jordan music ?

      Was a lawyer .Was a lawyer .Hace 27 días
  • 🤣🤣

    Les tutos De tahaLes tutos De tahaHace 4 días

    SimonCrawler gamingSimonCrawler gamingHace 4 días
  • 3:30 happens to the best of us..

    CharlotteCharlotteHace 7 días
  • Im sorry but i laughed out loud at the Robert Andrich goal

    Dank VectorDank VectorHace 11 días
  • Hradecky-Unai Simon, Pedri own goal in euro 2020

    Adam :Nazwisko:Adam :Nazwisko:Hace 15 días
  • 🤣😅😭

    Iyanu AlabiIyanu AlabiHace 15 días
  • That bobble before the keeper kicked it was unlucky

    Sean CookSean CookHace 18 días
  • At 3.30 and 4.30 wtf was the gk doin there?

    Sayantan ChakrabortySayantan ChakrabortyHace 22 días
  • 0:30 .. This sums up Schalke's season perfectly

    Sahil Raj KhannaSahil Raj KhannaHace 22 días
  • 😂

    lekshmy lekshmylekshmy lekshmyHace 22 días
  • What a goal by Mustafi🤫

    Mikhil PandayMikhil PandayHace 23 días
  • What the heck Lomb?!?!

    Alfian Singgih WidiyantoAlfian Singgih WidiyantoHace 24 días
  • I love the bundesliga Bayern is the best Lol

    Jack DouglasJack DouglasHace 24 días
  • Why are Frankfurt involved a lot in this video?

    Million MathsMillion MathsHace 24 días
  • 4:28 - Even the sun is laughing at Hradecky! 😂

    Канал KanetionКанал KanetionHace 25 días
  • Notice the rays of Sunshine smiling behind Hradecky's goal when he scored the own goal 🤣🤣🤣

    niciniciHace 25 días
  • Glad to see that Mustafi has managed to make a name for himself in the Bundesliga as well

    Κωνσταντινος☆Κωνσταντινος☆Hace 25 días
  • Mustafi where ever he go,he can't stop scoring.

    Min etlaVMin etlaVHace 25 días
  • I think mustafi is our adminho

    zuti limunzuti limunHace 25 días
  • Love these Videos man

    FM StegenFM StegenHace 26 días
  • Adminho the GOAT of Football ESmatch.

    BadriBadriHace 26 días
  • The fact that werder is only included in a positive way in this video is stunning. Our whole season was a blooper

    Colorado CrustaceanColorado CrustaceanHace 26 días
  • where is alaba and boatengs misunderstanding

    Krishna SripadaKrishna SripadaHace 26 días
  • Alternate Title: Adminhos best plays of the season

    Ar KrAr KrHace 26 días
  • 4:30 the smiling commercial boards just makes it worse.

    CJGP Lego FootballerCJGP Lego FootballerHace 26 días
  • I took it personal and it was shalke

    Ali WarfaaAli WarfaaHace 26 días
  • Wow

    Michael KebedeMichael KebedeHace 26 días
  • xD

    Jerome BoatengJerome BoatengHace 27 días
  • I still can't believe how Mustafi has won a world cup and Ronaldo, Messi, De Bruyne, Neymar haven't.

    Sid MSid MHace 27 días
    • Sterling also doesn't have a world cup

      Suji KsSuji KsHace 15 días
  • New club, same Mustafi. El Maestro

    Kadek YudhistiraKadek YudhistiraHace 27 días
  • guys dont blame mustafi arsenal players are like tht always seee sanchez and david luiz even willian legends of flop

    mohammed zakkariamohammed zakkariaHace 27 días
  • Numer 3.Thierry Henry would have been proud

    genci Jgenci JHace 27 días
  • I just knew hradecky's own goal will be first

    Abdulrahman IsholaAbdulrahman IsholaHace 27 días
  • Adminho would love this

    Saras RajaSaras RajaHace 27 días
  • Adminho: finally a worthy competitor. Our battle will be legendary

    BubblegumZeus01BubblegumZeus01Hace 27 días
  • It's unfortunate that Nigerians can't watch bundesliga on supersport on dstv

    Aanu Olanrewaju AgoroAanu Olanrewaju AgoroHace 27 días
  • Blooper of the season: FC Schalke 04

    CanasCanasHace 27 días
  • Frankfurt was kinda lucky this season ey...?

    JohanJohanHace 27 días
  • Most of these involve Schalke or Frankfurt as opponent or OG scorer

    Sporting DirectorSporting DirectorHace 27 días
  • Beautifull goals ...... football is beautifull, 👍👍🍺🍺🍺

    Martin Vásquez V.Martin Vásquez V.Hace 27 días
  • Frankfurt love pouncing on mistakes the most i see

    Adam MayesAdam MayesHace 27 días
  • No.2 & 1

    lesego lekgwaralesego lekgwaraHace 27 días
  • Euro 2021 gonna have 50 of these

    Aparna BhandaryAparna BhandaryHace 27 días
  • Pls pin this

    da minecraft manda minecraft manHace 27 días
  • why's it always frankfurt and leverkusen

    hi boihi boiHace 27 días
  • It was not like One that was in early video that MSV Duisberg goalkeeper who was dring water 😆🤣🤣

    Suyash SharmaSuyash SharmaHace 27 días
  • Classic mustafi

    AtroxAtroxHace 27 días
  • Robin Zentner vs Mönchengladbach still being the "funny moment of the century" 🤣 Unforgettable, a legend 👏🏻 (i like Robin Zentner, a brave goalkeeper)

    Fábio FussballFábio FussballHace 27 días
  • One Word Nice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

    Jakub ŚwiergulJakub ŚwiergulHace 27 días
  • I’m a PL person but honestly speaking bundesliga YT makes football so much more interesting

    Hermits&Co.Hermits&Co.Hace 27 días
  • Brooks face look like tolisso i think:)(

    Nurhayatus Syifa KamilahNurhayatus Syifa KamilahHace 27 días
  • mostly from leverkusen

    Kumaresa Football GameplayKumaresa Football GameplayHace 27 días
  • Adminho would never…

    User 1115User 1115Hace 27 días
  • Mustafi still a legend...

    kousik mishrakousik mishraHace 27 días
  • Alternative Title: OG bundesliga compilation

    UnusedgustovUnusedgustovHace 27 días
  • fair to say frankfurt are very lucky

    RawashdehRawashdehHace 28 días
  • Adminho is the king of bloopers and mistakes

    Adminho Adminho Hace 28 días
  • Bundesliga : top 10 fails after all season Euro 2020 : top 20 fails after a few matches

    Prom8!Prom8!Hace 28 días
    • There have been some special ones at Euro 2020 😄

      BundesligaBundesligaHace 27 días
  • The best blooper is Schalke’s season

    Retro StatsRetro StatsHace 28 días

    BiscuitBiscuitHace 28 días
    • We could make a team 😅

      BundesligaBundesligaHace 27 días
  • bayer leverkusen need to have a serious word with their goalkeepers

    Lord OmiotekLord OmiotekHace 28 días
  • Kasim adams own goal that commentator is on fifa

    brothertonkelbrothertonkelHace 28 días
  • alternate title: just own goals

    Vaibhav's UniverseVaibhav's UniverseHace 28 días
  • Haaland's biggest fan= Was a lawyer Eh why not?

    Snehangsu KumarSnehangsu KumarHace 28 días

    무스타파아르만무스타파아르만Hace 28 días
  • Adminho's own goals are too good for this video

    Adrian PaduaAdrian PaduaHace 28 días
  • Will Adminho comment in My Video???🤔🤔🤔

    Сінан Шанавас 4Сінан Шанавас 4Hace 28 días
    • @Rᴏsʜᴀɴ yes😅

      Сінан Шанавас 4Сінан Шанавас 4Hace 8 días
    • No😅

      RᴏsʜᴀɴRᴏsʜᴀɴHace 27 días
  • Bundesliga players: *make a mistake* Adminho: a core memory

    ParthParthHace 28 días
    • @Bundesliga adminho where is ur 40 yard own goal 😡can't see in this vid

      BRYAN GIL( spurs lad)BRYAN GIL( spurs lad)Hace 27 días
    • All I see here are Puskás Award contenders 😄

      BundesligaBundesligaHace 27 días
  • Hradecky and Mustafi always featuring in blooper videos lol

    Tim BarosTim BarosHace 28 días
  • Mustafi still lives up to his name

    LewangoalskiSznLewangoalskiSznHace 28 días
  • Can u please pin this? 🐰

    CdxstCdxstHace 28 días
  • Day 6 of asking Adminho to do a face reveal P.S I can’t stop laughing at these kind of videos😂😂😂

    Ali Mohamed WahishAli Mohamed WahishHace 28 días
  • Hradecky’s blooper is still fresh in my mind 😂

    ParthParthHace 28 días
  • bundesliga is the best youtube

    Musiz WorldMusiz WorldHace 28 días
  • what is happening many own goals whaaaa

    Musiz WorldMusiz WorldHace 28 días
  • i an knowing mustafi is in bundesliga 🥵

    Musiz WorldMusiz WorldHace 28 días
  • Brooks on goal was like a bullet it when so fast

    Asha AzizAsha AzizHace 28 días
  • 2:00 the fact it goes through his legs makes this so much worse.

    Hamish KnowlesHamish KnowlesHace 28 días
    • 😗👌 masterpiece

      BundesligaBundesligaHace 27 días
  • Mustafi

    Surge - Gaming LegendSurge - Gaming LegendHace 28 días
  • I love this

    Dudu BajelidzeDudu BajelidzeHace 28 días
  • The best channel in the world - Bundesliga 😤

    Snehangsu KumarSnehangsu KumarHace 28 días
  • Yessss finally!!!

    LWR OfficialLWR OfficialHace 28 días
  • Had a brain fart there 4:21

    @CFCMoi11@CFCMoi11Hace 28 días
  • The best league for many reasons

    Matthew CoppingMatthew CoppingHace 28 días
  • Bundesliga is the only league that can have such bloopers 😂😂😂

    Qhawe CompsQhawe CompsHace 28 días
  • None of these are Frankfurt’s mistakes 😎

    John WhittakerJohn WhittakerHace 28 días
  • When you need to learn from mistakes

    Capguntom memesCapguntom memesHace 28 días
  • It's Adminho thing

    Сінан Шанавас 4Сінан Шанавас 4Hace 28 días

      king Nasoking NasoHace 28 días
  • mustafi is only there for half a season but still makes it into the vid

    jayan sainijayan sainiHace 28 días

      king Nasoking NasoHace 28 días
  • Cech feels what mustafi did there

    Jacky Yen Cheat TanJacky Yen Cheat TanHace 28 días
  • Super

    Eligiusz JanikEligiusz JanikHace 28 días
  • Adminho could never

    Toxic_Ryan 01Toxic_Ryan 01Hace 28 días
  • A Bundesliga club should buy Unai Simon.

    M GM GHace 28 días
  • We are laugh and swear when we see like this moment dut we don’t to be fun because…….. We can’t go bundesliga 😂😂

    jinu9841jinu9841Hace 28 días
  • I don't know whether to laugh or feel for or be in disgust after all these combined😌

    B.Shreyas NairB.Shreyas NairHace 28 días
  • Edmond Tapsoba has got a very good potential

    Armi DeluxeArmi DeluxeHace 28 días
  • All

    Devesh MittalDevesh MittalHace 28 días
  • Adminho could beat all of them

    BalBalHace 28 días
  • Adminho = golden boot of own goals

    Sengheng NgSengheng NgHace 28 días